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         Active Shooter Response Kit Solutions


Active Shooter Response Kits

BULLETPROOF-IT, LLC Active Shooter Kits allow to Rapidly Armor up with a Plate Carrier including NIJ Certified Armor Piercing Rifle Plates. Protection from Potential High Threats from Rifles or High-Powered Firearms Encountered in an Active Shooter Response Situation, Bulletproof It Active Shooter Kits can help you survive these situations.


BULLETPROOF-IT, (ASR) Active Shooter Response kits offer self-contained armor solutions are a continuing trend.  Our, New generation light weight and affordable rifle protection armor solutions provide law enforcement officers with more state-of-the-art features and rifle stopping power protection. The most advanced Active Shooter Response Kits enable the officer to rapidly don a plate carrier and immediately upgrade his/her protection when a threat situation escalates.


BULLETPROOF-IT's Active Shooter Response Kits  include innovatively designed carriers that offer exceptional protection, flexibility, and lightweight comfort with the most rifle protection on the market. BPI- Active Shooter Response Kits offer options such as adjustable cummerbunds, plate pockets that can accommodate soft ballistic inserts, hard armor plates and side plates.


The BULLETPROOF-IT plate carrier is the foundation because it provides up-armor functionality that addresses the threat of rifle and high-powered firearms often used in active shooter attacks.


The latest BULLETPROOF-IT (ASR) Kits-

Active Shooter Response equipment includes stand-alone, high-performance hard armor plates certified to NIJ. 06 Level III and Level IV. BULLETPROOF-IT NIJ Certified Level III hard armor plates  being ultra-high molecular weight can meet a V50 of 3130 fps and defeat military-grade rounds such as the M80 Ball and M193 Ball. (V50 testing identifies the average velocity at which a bullet penetrates the armor equipment in 50 percent of the shots.)


BULLETPROOF-IT, LLC is a step ahead of other's, having a newly created Level III+ plates that are aimed at defeating or protecting against rounds such as the M855 Ball, which is a mild-steel core penetrator that can penetrate a standard Level III plate. In addition, BULLETPROOF IT Active Shooter Response Kits  also offer first responders tactical accessories such as ballistic helmets and shields that can be easily deployed.


Most Important Features

As agencies examine their active shooter preparedness needs, there are some key considerations when looking at body armor adoption: 1) ability to meet all end-user expectations, 2) ability to stop the agency duty round, 3) ability to stop ammunition that is known to exist in the region, 4) most comfortable ballistic package possible based on form, fit, and function, and 5) ability to meet agency objectives within the budget allowed.


BULLETPROOF-IT, LLC future holds even greater breakthrough protection. This is just the beginning of an exciting revolution in body armor designs and technologies that will offer law enforcement and emergency personnel significantly lighter weight, stronger, more multi-threat solutions needed when duty calls.



Active shooter attacks are dynamic incidents (often over in 10-15 minutes) that vary significantly from one attack to another, but they more than often involve deadly physical force perpetrated by an individual(s) who has unrestricted access to multiple victims.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) formally defines an active shooter as “an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area.”


The DHS notes in its definition that, “in most cases, active shooters use firearm(s) and there is no pattern or method to their selection of victims.” The level of police response to an active-shooter attack is unique to the circumstances of the incident. As the nation’s largest municipal police force, the New York Police Department (NYPD) has developed a list of recommendations to mitigate the risks from active shooter attacks based on an in-depth analysis of active shooter incidents from 1966 to 2010.



Mitigating Risk in Active Shooter Events
Perhaps the most critical element of mitigating risk in active shooter events is the ability for law enforcement responders to have the necessary equipment readily available — including body armor which enables them to quickly approach armed individuals and address the threat, and protect the public and support themselves during the incident in an efficient and effective manner.

Increasingly, we are seeing a paradigm shift in the development and delivery of body armor solutions that can immediately meet the needs of officers responding to an active shooter situation.


This has led to the coining of the term “up-armor” — in other words, armor evolving or being modified to address a threat. Most likely a law enforcement officer is protected by a soft body armor concealable vest certified for handgun round protection.

However, a soft body armor concealable vest will not protect from rifle threats. As a result, agencies need to be able to “up-armor” their protective vests with rifle rated hard armor plates (NIJ Level III or Level IV) to meet this type of threat.


#1 Rule of Body Armor: Stop What You Carry
During the past 50 years, agencies’ approach to preparing for and dealing with active shooter situations have changed tremendously with regard to training and equipment, driven in more recent times by the horrific massacres at Columbine and Virginia Tech, for example. Far-reaching changes have included:


1.) Equipping patrol officers with more advanced, high-powered firearms for immediate response to incidents that clearly involve the suspect’s use of deadly force

2.) Better, more uniformed, rapid deployment tactics

3.) Up-armoring body armor solutions with hard armor options that provide greater protection against the very high-powered firearms/duty rounds that they now carry Unless officers up-armor to meet the threat when a patrol rifle is deployed, the “Stop What You Carry” rule is violated.


The S.C.O.P.E of Enhanced Protection
The introduction of new-generation, Self-Contained Operational Platforms and Equipment (SCOPE) provide law enforcement officers with the necessary tools to meet an active shooter response situation. These tools include up-armor, ammo, light systems, medical and hydration supplies, and identification markers.


In focusing on the up-armor aspect, the most advanced Active Shooter Platform or Response Kit enables the officer to rapidly don a plate carrier over his/her existing concealable vest and immediately upgrade their protection when a threat situation escalates.

The plate carrier is the foundation of an active shooter response kit because it provides up-armor capabilities that address the threat of rifle and high-powered firearms typically deployed. A responder can quickly and easily put on and take off the protective equipment as needed. 


The latest Active Shooter Response Kits are designed to be adaptable to officers’ varying functions and work environments. They include affordable and premium soft and hard armor solutions that are lightweight, highly flexible and deliver the ultimate in performance under the most extreme circumstances.








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