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(We take no chances when it comes to saving lives)


When in high-risk situations, feeling protected is paramount. We choose the best raw materials and the most respected manufacturers in the industry to ensure our body armor and tactical equipment perform to the most extreme combat condition. Each style is designed for use in various high-risk environments, though each model has its own unique properties to suit specific applications.


BULLETPROOF IT hard armor rifle plates are designed in a number of styles to suit various applications, including Covert, Overt, Full Tactical and Floatation. Choosing the right body armor is imperative to ensure maximum protection, as purchasing the wrong type of armor could leave you vulnerable to injury. BULLETPROOF IT body armor is available in NIJ levels IIIA, III, III+, IV and Special Threats.  For further information on any of our hard armor rifle plates, contact our expert team to discuss your own needs and requirements.

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