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Complete Operator Solutions

“Ensuring the tactical advantage is crucial for survivability"


Complete Operator Solutions: Head, Torso and Extremity Armor Protection:

BULLETPROOF IT, LLC provides crucial armor solution to ensuring that you have every tactical advantage when deciding which armor and Personnel Protective Equipment to ensure mission success.  By outfitting effective and capable armor systems, you are ensuring you have the tactical advantage.


We understand first generation outdated tactical vest weigh a ton, even without rifle-capable hard plates. Those days are all but gone, as modern-day composites have revolutionized these advance armor options. Modern hard armor composite plates are lighter and can withstand multiple hits, whether on their own or in conjunction with soft body armor.


Now armor options are endless.

Now soft armor is lighter, more flexible and better equipped to stop most all of today’s most lethal pistol calibers. Combined, hard and soft armor system provide the most coverage protection while still complete protection possible being relatively comfortable, easy to put on and customizable. Whether a light weight standalone hard armor system is the ideal choice for most operators. We also provide (ICW) hard and soft armor combination armor solutions for high profile missions.


Simple Plate carriers provide a place to hold hard plates designed to stop high-velocity rifle rounds. The plates themselves can be made of simple heavy steel or complex composite light weight BULLETPROOF IT materials. The weight varies based on the construction. BULLETPROOF IT standalone hard armor plates, provide multiple-hit protection.


Plate carriers can be designed to be incredibly simple, or highly modular by providing pockets or a MOLLE to attach accessories. Others are designed with the ballistic armor built in, providing an outer carrier that does it all.


BULLETPROOF IT offer complete tactical solutions for ballistic and non-ballistic options. We offer ballistic and non-ballistic helmets, soft body armor, hard armor plates, ballistic shields, ballistic face shields, tactical vests, ballistic walls, vehicle armor and much more.


We understand that only the best is acceptable for military, law enforcement and civilian professional operators. We provide a vast range of solutions which are designed to provide as effective solutions in high-risk combat scenarios. Our products are all tested to meet and exceed military satisfaction standards. We take no chances when it comes to saving lives and providing the end user with the gear and equipment needed to perform the task as hand. When you are in a combat zone, front line, or in danger zone. We understand how important it is to feel protected when expected to perform at the highest standard and efficiency levels.


Please contact for your specific armor requests. We also provide threat vulnerability assessments upon request.





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