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Welcome to the future of sustainable living with our Expandable Container Homes. This modern and versatile dwelling is designed for those who value innovation, mobility, and eco-conscious living. 


Embrace sustainability without compromising on comfort and style. Order now and start your journey towards a more flexible and eco-friendlier lifestyle. These Prefab mobile homes are a versatile home or office space that can be used for various purposes. It is made of high-quality steel material that is durable and long-lasting.


The house features smart living technology, making it a great option for those who value convenience and comfort. The kit home can be easily assembled and disassembled in 10 minutes and is perfect for those who are always on the move or want a temporary living space. With its expandable and foldable design, this home is perfect for those who value flexibility and mobility at a amazing price! Please see the attached images of the design of the portable expandable house.


Key Features:


Expandable Design: Enjoy the flexibility of additional living space with our unique expandable design. Effortlessly increase your living area when needed, providing comfort and functionality. Set up takes 15 Minutes Portability: Whether you're looking for a cozy home, an office space, or a weekend retreat, our container home is easily transportable. Take your living space wherever adventure calls.


Eco-Friendly: Built with sustainability in mind, our container home utilizes recycled materials and energy-efficient features. Reduce your carbon footprint without compromising on style and comfort. Modern Aesthetics: Embrace a sleek and contemporary living experience. The interior is thoughtfully designed for optimal functionality, featuring modern fixtures and space-saving solutions.


Easy Assembly: Designed for DIY enthusiasts, our container home comes with easy-to-follow assembly instructions. No need for extensive construction skills; create your living space with ease in 15 minutes or less. People who travel around love mobile houses, they can move the portable house with a trailer when they move around. The Mobile house is easy to set up and quick to assemble and comfortable to live in.


Specifications: Option of 20-foot 30-foot or even 40-foot options!!

• Dimensions of 20 foot: (L) 19 ft x (W) 20ft X (H) 8ft (After Expansion) 380Sq Feet


Package Includes:  Expandable Container Home • Assembly Instructions 

  • Frame Structure: Steel Frame structure- Flame retardant foam wallboard

  • Energy Efficiency: Neutral environmental protection materials Neutral sealant

  • Colors: Black frame, White color wall panel

  • Interior Features: 2 bedrooms, living room and Bathroom (Options to customize)

  • Transport: Domestic or Internation Shipping available!


Frame Structure: Steel Frame structure with Flame retardant foam wallboard Roof: Flame retardant foam aluminum magnesium manganese thermal insulation roof


Floor: Glass magnesium floor. 0.08-inch wear-resistant laminate floor leather


Windows: Double-layer tempered glass-plastic-steel sliding lattice window. 


Bathroom: Restroom with shower: Shower curtain rack, Shower valve, Shower sprinkler, shower rod, floor Drain, door stopper: Stainless steel, Marble Color, Soap dish, toilet brush: Aluminum alloy, Water stopper, mirror box: PVC. Silent exhaust fan.


Security Doors: Main door: aluminum door with lock-Restroom door: WPC Door.

Kitchen: Includes sink and cabinets

Individuals seeking a minimalist and efficient living space. Eco-conscious homeowners looking to reduce their environmental impact. Those in need of a portable solution for temporary or permanent living arrangements.

See below images and design options!

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Just tell us what you want, we’ll do the rest!

Expandable house interior-


Expandable house external


Production workshop



living room.jpg

Advantages of expandable container Home

1. Lots of storage space: 1 room can be turned into 3 rooms. 
2. Can accommodate 8-10 people
3. Easy to install. 4 people can install one house within 30minutes.
4. Customized design. We have a variety of design options for you to choose from.
5. Transportation: By forklift, Easy to move
6. With adjustable supports
7. Waterproof: Sealing tape and structural sealant. 
8. Can be installed without tools, just video and manual installation.

Please Email for more information- These units are currently being imported


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