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Custom Mobile Ballistic Panels Rifle Rated Level III or IIIA. These panels can be cut to fit most sizes and shapes for specific mission needs. They have handle point on the corners for ease of movement and deployment, with the reinforced support stand so the shield will stay upright without holding it. Has a UL 752 rating of Level 8 or the equivalent of NIJ Level III.


Can be added to a vehicle for added rifle protection then be removed and used as a mobile barrier. Level III Panel weight will depend on size, our material is approx. 3 lbs. per square foot compared to others on the market that are 8 lbs. per square foot or 16 lbs. per square foot, our mobile panels save you weight and provided a high level of standalone protection. Level IIIA Panel is Approx 1.5 lbs per square foot. 


Panels can be water jet cut into most shapes and sizes; additional charges may apply for extensive water jet work.


Lead times can be 30-60 Days ARO. 


Pricing listed is a rough cost before doing any custom work, IE Handles, Stands, Mounting brackets, ETC. Please contact before placing an order online. 


Contact for quote for any custom order other than size listed


Custom Panel Specs:


Size: Up to 4 feet x 8 feet Panel

Shape: Most shapes can be cut

Weight: Approx. 3 lbs. per square foot

Level of protection: UL 752 Level 8 or NIJ Level III

Thickness: Approx. 1 inch


Contact for Pricing, or call 360-518-2464


Ratings of Bullet Resistant materials as identified by:
UL 752

Rating Ammunition Weight min fps max fps # of Shots
Level 1 9mm FMJ 124 1175 1293 3
Level 2 .357 Magnum  158 1250 1375 3
Level 3 .44 Magnum  240 1350 1485 3
Level 4 .30 Caliber Rifle (.30-06 Caliber) 180 2540 2794 1
Level 5 7.62mm Rifle FMJ Ball (.308 Caliber) 150 2750 3025 1
Level 6 9mm FMJ 124 1400 1540 5
Level 7 5.56mm Rifle FMJ (.223 Caliber) 55 3080 3383 5
Level 8 7.62mm Rifle FMJ Ball (.308 Caliber) 150 2750 3025 5
Level 9 .30-06 caliber rifleFMJ (APM2) 166 2715 2987 1
Level 10 .50 caliber rifle, FMCJ Ball (M2) 709.5 2810 3091 1
Shotgun 12-Gauge Rifled Lead Slug 1 0z. 1585 1744 3


Level IIIA Panel sizing:

Small: 2 Feet x 2 Feet

Medium: 4 Feet x 4 Feet

Large: 4 Feet x 6 Feet

XLarge: 4 Feet x 8 Feet


Level III Panel sizing:

Small: 2 Feet x 2 Feet

Medium: 4 Feet x 4 Feet

Large: 4 Feet x 6 Feet

XLarge: 4 Feet x 8 Feet


Contact for quote for any custom order other than size listed, or call 360-518-2464


Shield is Made in the USA with USA Material


PLEASE NOTE THAT BY PLACING AN ORDER YOU AGREE TO COMPLY WITH ALL LOCAL, STATE, AND FEDERAL LAWS REGARDING BODY ARMOR.**United States law restricts possession of body armor for convicted felons. Many U.S. states also have penalties for possession or use of body armor by felons. BULLETPROOF IT, LLC, is also unable to ship any body armor plates, Shields, etc. to the state of Connecticut. By purchasing body armor from BULLETPROOF IT, LLC., you are certifying that you have not been convicted of any crime that would restrict you from being able to purchase or possess body armor under any Federal or State laws. Furthermore, you are acknowledging that you do not intend to use the body armor for any criminal purpose. BULLETPROOF IT, LLC., does reserve the right to refuse to sell body armor to any person.Email for bulk and Department Pricing:



Sorry no International shipments WITHOUT ITAR approval.


Shipping Fee to HI and AK will be more and vary in price

Custom Ballistic Panel



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