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The Survivair Opti-Fit Tactical Mask Facepiece will help you be ready for the next disaster. Get this mask designed for first responders that is NIOSH approved with the Model 1688 Canister to provide protection against, CN and CS and includes a P100 filter for use against particulates such as pepper spray.Get the canisters you think you might need and keep them on hand so you are ready. Keep you and your family safe against the next spill or leak with this high quality mask.


  • Full facepiece constructed of soft silicone for excellent comfort, fit and durability
  • Low breathing resistance
  • Superior field of vision offers an unobstructed view in critical situations where line of sight vision is essential
  • Superior field of vision
  • Three-position canister mounting
  • Anti-scratch coated polycarbonate lens
  • DIN-threaded 40mm connectors
  • Low breathing resistance

Optimal Fit Tactical Gas Mask




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