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Patrol Riot Suit offers essential full-body protection. The patented polycarbonate panels were designed with the guidance of law enforcement professionals to provide officers with the protection they need. Flexible, full coverage panels adjust to perfectly fit and shield each officer from any number of threats.

Optional hydration and cooling systems keep officers comfortable for hours in the harshest of conditions, enabling them to perform their duty, protect their public and return safely home.


  • Chest & Back Panels
  • Upper and lower arm protections
  • Thigh, shin and foot protection
  • Removable groin protection
  • Fire Resistant
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Blunt Force Resistant
  • Stab Resistant
  • Integrated Hydration
  • Integrated Cooling
  • MOLLE lined back panel
  • 4-way ID system
  • Body Camera Ready

Patrol Riot Suit




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