The TOMAHAWK hard armor ballistic shield is a flat, compact weapon mount platform in threat level III rifle protection.


TOMAHAWK is the ideal Vehicle Assault Rifle Shield to provide law enforcement ultra-light rifle rated protection at a moments notice.



• Size / Weight:
RFX1: 18″x 24″ / 12.5 lbs.
RFX1: 20″x 30″ / 16 lbs. (Shown)
• No Viewport
• Flat Panel Weapon Mount
• Straight Bar Handle
• Custom Molded Foam Armpad
• Heavy Duty Padded Forearm Strap
• 100% Composite Ballistic Construction
• NIJ 0108.01 Rated III
• Special Threat III+
• Durable Black Polyurea Coating


• Custom ID Placard
• 600 Lumen Auxiliary Lighting
• Shield Hook with MOLLE Attachment
• Shield Hook with Shoulder Sling
• Carry Bag


7.62×51, 149gr. M80 FMJ – 0108.01*
7.62×39, 123gr. PS Ball Mild Steel Core**
5.56×45, 55gr. M193 Ball**
5.56×45, 62gr. Federal Tactical Bonded**

Made in the U.S.A.

*Base level III
** Special threat rounds
Weights and options are general and subject to change without notice. Additional Sizes available for quote upon request.



PLEASE NOTE THAT BY PLACING AN ORDER YOU AGREE TO COMPLY WITH ALL LOCAL, STATE, AND FEDERAL LAWS REGARDING BODY ARMOR.**United States law restricts possession of body armor for convicted felons. Many U.S. states also have penalties for possession or use of body armor by felons. BULLETPROOF IT, LLC, is also unable to ship any body armor plates, Shields, etc. to the state of Connecticut. By purchasing body armor from BULLETPROOF IT, LLC., you are certifying that you have not been convicted of any crime that would restrict you from being able to purchase or possess body armor under any Federal or State laws. Furthermore, you are acknowledging that you do not intend to use the body armor for any criminal purpose. BULLETPROOF IT, LLC., does reserve the right to refuse to sell body armor to any person.

Sorry NO International shipments WITHOUT  ITAR approval.


Shipping Fee to HI and AK will be more and vary in price