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Building on the origins of the popular VENGEANCE™ Series handgun shields, deployed by the United States Marshal Service, BlueRidge Armor sought input from Law Enforcement personnel for the development of a next generation shield that meets real world requirements for routine deployment..


The overwhelming response was a need for a rifle shield that mirrored the original VENGEANCE, combining a curved, high performance shield platform with the industry exclusive Elzetta, ruggedized rifle grip handle and integrated high output led lighting.


The result is VENGEANCE X7. A lighter, high performance ballistic shield, designed for law enforcement and elite tactical units.


VENGEANCE X7 features include:

  • Patented VENGEANCE™ viewport with ballistic bezel system, for a wider field of view than standard rectangular viewports and enhanced lower peripheral vision
  • Elzetta EZH-R integrated rifle LED lighting system
  • Streamlined design curves around the user providing higher coverage
  • High-performance, lightweight ballistic composite for improved balance and center of gravity
  • Corbond large format ID
  • Independently tested to NIJ 0108.01 Level III, ASTM RF1 or RF2


General information, technical data , specifications and options are subject to updates and/or change without notice. For latest information contact





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VENGEANCE X7 Rifle Rated Shield designed for law enforcement and elite Units



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